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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


When I last visited Lubeck, the city gate was in scaffolding. Now it was on display. It is part of the medieval fortifications of the city and is photographed at top. It contains a museum on the history of the city. Lubeck is the home of three Nobel prize winners - Willy Brandt won the peace prize while writers Thomas Mann and Gunther Grass won for literature. Lubeck was founded by Henry the Lion, an early ruler in the 800s. Naturally, in the cathedral there is a golden lion. In our walking tour of the city, we discovered there are all these little pathways thhrough what appear to be impenetrable blocks of buildings that lead to quaint little yards like this one. We had to walk through a World War II bunker to get here although it did not look like a bunker where people took cover during bombing attacks At bottom, is a medieval altar at the cathedral.


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