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Friday, July 11, 2008

Temple University

I had not been to the Temple University campus for several years (like maybe 10!) so I was looking forward to seeing all the changes I've heard about. It is a much more user friendly campus than it was when I first stepped out of the subway there in 1993. Like the University of Cincinnati it is an urban campus but much more so. And like UC it has gone through a tremendous amount of contruction in just a few years.

At top is Conwell hall, the building where my graduation was held in summer 1997. Next is the renovated Baptist Temple. The college was originally founded as a Baptist college in the 19th century to serve the needs of immigrants and working class people in Philly. It was absorbed by the state in the early 1960s. Next is the bell tower square in front of the library. The tall building on the left in the background is Gladfelter Hall, home of the History Department. Next is the student union, a new building; and next is a dormitory sitting on the sight off the old graduate dorms, which were much smaller and dumpier looking than this sleek new version. The campus looked good during my visit and was made very busy by a very large orientation for new students.


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