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Friday, July 11, 2008

Streets of Philadelphia

This is a bit out of order but before I flew to London, I had an eight hour layover in Philadelphia. I lived in Philly for several years while I was in graduate school so being there is always like visiting an old friend. Unfortunately, contrary to my plans, none of my old friends were in town so I was on my own. I visited some of my old haunts and took the subway to Temple U., my alma mater, to see the changes there.

At top, the Union League building. The Union League was created by a group of prominent Philadelphians to support the union during the civil war. Today, it is a prominent social organization in the city. Next, is a beautiful old bank building that I've always liked. Then there is a view of city hall from Broad Street with William Penn on top. At bottom is looking across Rittenhouse Square, a beautiful little park in the city.


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