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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My German colleagues

These are my German colleagues. They all taught German and were top-notch teachers. At the top, I joined them after they had had a faculty meeting, working out the course schedule for the next semester. The tavern they chose for their meeting is called Lazelots, a British themed pub complete with e red UK telephone booth. Very cool place. At bottom, we are at the Lueneburg Weinachtsmarkt (christmat market) having a taste of Gluhwein (hot spiced wine) on the square in front of the beautiful rathaus. Great people.

MBA Graduate

My wonderful big sister, Pam, has received her MBA from Regis University, a Jesuit institution in Denver. My nephew, AJ, and I had a great time celebrating the event in the Rocky Mountain metropolis. At top, you have, from left, me, Pam, and AJ. The next shot is me and AJ. Then there is Pam waving after picking up the diploma and successfully descending from the stage. At bottom is a crowd shot on the Regis campus. They are, by the way, an AAUP institution.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Historic Luebeck

Luebeck was the capital of the Hanseatic League in the middle ages and some of the architecture still reflects that heritage. Much of it was, of course, destroyed during WW II in an early British bombing attack.. The photo on top is of the medieval statues that used to line the bridge that crosses the River Trave entering Luebeck and are now housed in one of the rebuilt medieval cathedrals. There is a massive historic gate there that was shielded by scaffolding while I was there but it is very impressive. The two pictures below are of statues erected in the 20th century to replace the older versions.

Medieval Lueneburg

During the celebration marking Lueneburg's 1,050th birthday, there was a great three-day festival. It was a lot of fun. Met some interesting people and sampled some interesting sausages. I thought some more photos of the people of Lueneburg would be fun to share.

Historic Bremen

While I was reviewing my blog which I have not posted to for a while, I realized that I had a lot more photos that might be of interest to friends and family. So, I'm going to resume posting. Today, I'm going to start with some photos of historic Bremen. Not far from Luenburg where I was living in Germany. It is an old Hanseatic city situated on the river Weser and is about 60 miles from the north sea. Among other reasons for its fame is that the Becks brewery is located here and there is a great Becks tavern located on the central square, or Maktplatz, downtown.

At top, you see the famous statue of Roland, from the medieval Song of Roland, that is a kind of symbol of the city. In the middle, the students and I are led by our guide through a cluster of old city government buildings with the city's 13th century Cathedral St. Petri (St. Peter) in the background. At the bottom, is the Maktplatz. If you look closely and blow up the photo you can probably see that the sign on the building says Becks am Makt. That is the Beck's bar where I sampled one or two.