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Monday, October 11, 2010

Scenes of L√ľneburg

A Trabbie

Here are some photos of a Trabant that was parked at the university one day. On my first trip to Germany about 10-12 years ago, I stayed with my friend Kelly Robison who had a job teaching at a university in Wittenberg and he had a Trabant. East Germany's main car during the cold war, they had a two-stroke engine. Kelly had to mix the gas and oil himself for the thing to run. It had almost no suspension and driving along the brick roads in what was the former East was very rough. The body was made out pressed fiber rather than metal. Today, these things are pretty rare and are collectors items. It is easier to see them in museums now than on the street. For more on the Trabant:


Bremen is one of my favorite German cities and it is another old Hanseatic town. Soeren and I met up with Iris, the former director of the Luneburg program who now lives in Bremen. At top, we have an adult refreshment at a pub near the river Weser. Next, is the Hauptbahnhof and then a walk along the Schnnor, which is a medieval street of shops, and at bottom in Bremen's rathaus on the Marktplatz, first built in the 1400s. The next to the bottom photo is also on the Marktplatz and the main building is the Becks pub with patrons outside savoring the brew. Becks is brewed in Bremen.