Grapes from Thorns

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

McNay Memorial

On a sunny day during December, we took a drive to a park near Desert Hospital where my sister works. Mike and Lynn paid for a memorial bench on honor of my dad who died in 2005. The bench is pictured below in its desert context. We sat and a had a beer. It is a nice and quiet place. The little plaque with dad's name and dates also says, "Go Grizzlies," referring to the University of Montana. My dad was a big supporter of the university. At top, Mike and AJ walking ahead through the park.

Smiles all around

Here is a rare occurrence. Me with my two nephews, Joe at left, and AJ at right. And of course my beautiful niece Kate. An embarrassment of riches.

Christmas at the Fontanas, 2009

Some photos of Christmas 2009 at the Fontanaland. At top is Kate opening presents. Then my nephew AJ Buralli, then my sister, Lynn, and niece Katie. At bottom, a good time was had by all with brother-in-law, Mike at right hoisting a fine looking glass of vino.

Desert at Palm Springs