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Sunday, March 09, 2008

My hosts

A friend of Heather's who had business to take care of in Nels Spruit picked us up at the hotel. Going through the border entering Mozambique was a challenge. In fact, it always took longer at these border crossings than it seems to have been necessary. By comparison, the US has a smoothly running bureaucracy.

My lodging for the next week or so was to be in the Portuguese embassy in Maputo, a high-rise building in the center of this busy city. Sebastian, Heather and Nuno's little boy, was a high-light of the visit. He goes by Bazzy for short, or Baz for shorter, and is a bundle of energy. Very talkative and a real character, he can rattle along in either English or Portuguese.

Above, is Bazzy wearing on his head a stuffed lion his mother brought from Kruger. When she gave it to him, he started telling her what real good presents are like! Next is Nuno and Bazzy and finally Heather and Bazzy.


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