Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Friday, February 29, 2008

On the road to Lesotho

The next day, we got an early start and headed out for a new African country. Lesotho is an African country entirely surrouded by South Africa. Both Heather and I wanted to add this country to our list of African countries. Our initial goal was to drive from Spion Kop to a town called Clarens, just north of Lesotho. Enroute, we drove through some beautiful country. The highlight was probably Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

Just as I was getting ready to move our luggage to the car, two of the employees at Spion Kop Lodge appeared to help. Much to my surprise, they hoisted our suitcases to their heads and walked to the car very easily chatting to each other. Later, of course, I would see much more of these balancing acts. The next two pictures are of the rugged terrain in Golden Gate Highland National Park. Lastly is a view of the mountains from the guest house where we stayed in the beautiful little town of Clarens. At the breakfast that morning, I had a nice talk with a young couple who had spent the weeked at Clarens and were heading back that morning to their jobs in Jo-burg.