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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kruger National Park II

Heather had sought out a very experienced guide who she had had before to take us through the park. He was a very interesting person and very knowledgeable about the park. We loaded up in the Land Rover a little bleary-eyed and entered the park just as the sun was coming up. We stopped on the bridge crossing the Crocodile River to watch some crocs frolicing in the dark waters.

Our instructions were not to make noise or yell at any animals we saw and to stay in the vehicle. For a while, we didn't see much besides the impalas and some rare birds. But then, we encountered the giraffes, calmly munching on the leaves of trees. And then one sauntered across the road ahead of us. Clearly, the giraffe had the right-of-way.

Then we began to see animals more regularly. In all, I saw four of the "Big Five" African game animals. I did not see a leopard (which are mostly nocturnal animals) but I did see water buffalo, an elephant, a pride of lions, and a white rhino. I failed to get good photos of the elephant and water buffalo. The elephant was moving pretty fast through some trees and by the time I got my camera on him he had disappeared. There must of been five water buffalo in heavy brush. I could see them clearly. And they were butting heads, making a large crack as their skulls collided. Just playing, the guide said.

It was actually pretty cold and we huddled under blankets in the Land Rover and watched Africa roll by. At one point, we stopped and the guide recounted how an old hunter had been stalked and killed by lions nearby in the nineteenth century.
At top, the guide describing the park and its wildlife. Next, A white rhino carefully ignored us. Next, a pride of lions. There are about 10 lions all together laying about, no doubt thinking of impalas. Next, a giraffe crosses the road while another muches on some trees.


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