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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scenes of the cape

There is so much to say about Cape Town and I left with much left to do. I must return some time to see much more of the city and its environs. At top are the steps to the light house at Cape Point. Next is a better shot of the penguins at Simon's Town. There is a lot of pride in the penguins and there breed is now known as "African Penguin." Next is an example of the really rugged sea being stirred up by the powerful winds we encountered and you can see that sand is being blown over the road. Next is a massive government building in downtown Cape Town. Finally, is the figurehead from a wrecked ship. A plaque next to the statue says that sometime in the 19th century, it washed ashore here. It then hung over the entrance to a pub for many years before finally be installed at the Victorian and Albert waterfront.


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