Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Monday, October 01, 2007

On the road again

I drove back to Cincinnati from Anaconda. It was just short of 2,000 miles. I rented a Mercury Mountaineer from Avis and packed it full of stuff. Crammed inside are a dining room table and six chairs, a nice padded chair for my living room, and numberous boxes of all kinds of family stuff. We are still in the process of moving things out of the house that had been our family home for nearly 50 years. After bidding farewell to the big stack on the way out of Anaconda, I drove to Billings on the first day and spent a very enjoyable night with some old friends, the Kemmicks. The second day, I drove for 12 hours from Billings through Wyoming and across South Dakota to Sioux Falls where I spent the night. The next day, bright and surly, I set off. I veered south toward Lincoln, Nebraska. Somewhat north of there, I caught a eastbound interstate and headed across Iowa. Hours later, Iowa gave way to Illinois. Hours later, Illinois gave way to Indiana. Being within striking distance of Indianapolis was encouraging. Indy is only two hours from Cincinnati. Finally, I cruised through the Indy metro area. Somewhere west of Indy, I had seen my first sign from Cincinnati. I plowed on. After at least 15 hours on the road, I arrived home. Riley was pleased to see me.


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