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Monday, October 01, 2007

Gathering of the clans

While home in Anaconda, I had the opportunity to get together with both the McGuire and Menahan clans. Here are some photos. At top, we have Jack and Tommy McGuire, Joan McGuire Michaels, and Dan McGuire. Next we have me, Red Menahan, and Joan McGuire having an afternoon beer at Carmel's Bar, an Anaconda institution. Next, we have the beautiful Menahan girls, Mike Menahan, Shirley Menahan, John (Pam's boyfriend), and Pam Buralli. At bottom, Joan McGuire, Stacy Menhan, and Red. The Menahans had put on a pork roast and we all had a fine meal washed down with cold refreshments.
Sadly, the gathering with the Menahans came about because of the death of one of my cousins, Patsy McGuire, Joan's sister. Weddings and funerals always prove to be mini-family reunions. We much prefer the weddings.


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