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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Handsome Hannover

I traveled to Hannover a few days ago. Because of being largely destroyed during the war, there are large stretches of new pedestrian walking areas with lots of new shops and wide straight sidewalks. It was quite busy later in the day. They have an interesting museum about the royalty family based in Hannover. The British royal family are Hannoverians and ruled over part of Germany as well as Britain until the reign of Queen Victoria.

At the top is a scene from the walk from the train station into the city center. Part of the street and many of the shops are underground. this is a photo looking up from the lower level to the street level shops.

In the middle is Gottfriend Leibnitz's home. A contemporary and peer of Isaac Newton, he was an important German mathematician, philospher, and scientist.

At the bottom is Mariankirch, a church that was destroyed by bombing during the war. In what is left of the steeple is a large peace bell donated to the church by the city of Hiroshima.


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