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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Of Bells and Churches

Lubeck has some great historic churches, especially St. Mary's. Construction began in about 1250 and continued for 100 years. Not only is it unique in its size in northern Germany but it is also a memorial to the Second World War. The bells of the church fell to the ground as the church collapsed under Anglo-American bombing on March 29, 1942. Bent, battered, and partially melted, the bells were left in place as a memorial to the loss of life during the war. On the wall nearby are two huge nails from the cathedral at Coventry in England that was destroyed by German bombing.

As i explored the church, a group of church women came in and began singing hymns near the altar. I have to admit that it was very moving to hear the strains of Amazing Grace in English and German inside walls that had seen so much.


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