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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Queen of the Hanseatic League

Lubeck is known as "the queen of the Hanseatic League" because of its prominent commercial position during the Middle Ages. Remnants of that great wealth are apparent through the city even though it was badly bombed during the Second World War.

Of special interest to me at Lubeck were the medieval warehouses where Luneburg salt was stored. It was from the port of Lubeck that Luneburg's salt found its overseas markets and it was the salt trade that build Lubeck into the great city that it was.

More than at Luneburg, the city's' defenses are quite apparent, including the old walls and water obstacles (not quite a moat anymore). The rathaus is very impressive showing its growth over time and while I don't believe it is as beautiful as Luneburg's it is older and larger. Much of the downtown area has been turned into a pedestrial area with shops and restaurants and I found a great neighborhood on the just outside of the center that had even better offerings.

There was a kind of sailor's club or organization right across the street from a church dedicated to the sailors. Very interesing and very much a Scandinavian tradition.

One of the most important areas is along the waterfront at theRiver Traver. It is possible to see what the place might have looked like hundreds of years ago. I am going to attach a waterfront photo, a rathaus photo, and a street scene. Another post will carry photos of some of the beautiful and historic churches of the city, churches that were all destroyed or damaged during the bombing in WWII.


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