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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Touring Maputo

One day in Maputo, Heather and I and one of her great neighbors went out to do a little shopping. Me in the company of two lovely ladies. Our first stop was a the French Cultural Center which is right across from the city's interesting Catholic cathedral at top. The Franco-Mozambique center has a place where you can shop for Parisian fashions and a cafe and museum with some great local art on display. Nice place and even an armed guard who smiled and said "Bonjour!" Next we have Heather andd I at Mozambique's Museum of Geology. Lots of great rocks. The guy managing the place and I tried to talk to each other in English pretty unsuccessfully. But then, after learning I was a professor at UC, he said he had attended college in Germany. Then we began to talk, just a little, in German! It is a interesting world. We both enjoyed the oddness of it. At bottom, Heather and her friend are in front of the Iron Building, a house built at the turn of the century entirely out of iron. It will probably last forever but is apparently way to too hot to live in in the summer. Turns out a lot of Mozambiquans spent time in communist countries during the cold war and that is likely how our museum guide got his education in Deutschland.


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