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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Back to Deutschland

I returned to Luneburg for my third time this summer to teach the history of the cold war in the USAC program. Our first trip with the students was to the old hanseatic city of Lubeck and the nearby beach at Travemunde. At top is the scene at Travemunde and next is me in my very un-beach attire (it was very hot). Then there are the students before the old medieval gate of the city and at bottom is an interesting medieval plaque that marks the importance of the link between Luneburg and Lubeck. Lubeck was the capital city of the Hanseatic League but Luneburg was the sources of the white gold of the middle ages, salt. This plaque is on a row of old salt warehouses where Luneburg salt was stored until it was shipped out to points along the Baltic and throughout Europe.


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