Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday, October 04, 2008


These photos are a bit dated but when Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party nomination for president, I joined a couple thousand of my closest friends on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati to celebrate the event. Had a good time. Things are going well in the election so far. I spent a couple of hours at one of Obama's offices here making phone calls to voters. One woman I spoke with was 79. When I asked if she had decided who she was going to vote for, she said firmly "Barack Obama." I told her that was great news and was she going to try to take advantage of the early voting option. She told me she lived in a rest home and that there would be buses to take them to the polls on election day and that she wasn't going to miss her chance to vote for Obama.
I voted on Wednesday at the Butler County board of elections. Unlike Cincinnati, Butler County is pretty much Republican territory. But the polls were busy despite the efforts of the Republicans to block through legal efforts the early voting option. Fortunately, in Jennifer Brunner we have a secretary of state who actually wants people to vote.


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