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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Twin Towers in Hannover

I was in Germany on Sept. 11 and heard from Germans about their sorrow and horror of that day. Like Americans, they could remember exactly what they were doing when they first heard news of the attacks. On a visit to Hannover, I was went looking for something to eat in the train station. At the Pizza Hut (that's right), I saw this mural of the Manhattan skyline. It appears to me that the people running and working at this particular Pizza Hut had chosen to do something to honor the memory of the World Trade Center. The newly-painted mural has two ghostly towers soaring above the city. I don't believe this would have been they way they would have been portrayed before Sept. 11. The mural presents a striking, almost defiant, image of the Twin Towers. It rather looks like the mural was painted and then a decision was made that it simply didn't look right without the WTC. I may be making too much of this but this image was very striking to me when I saw it. Had my German been better, I would have thanked somebody for the mural.


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