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Friday, December 08, 2006

Sensational Celle

We had a group tour to Celle, not far from Lueneburg recently. It is a beautiful place and has a historically significant palace, a home of the Hannoverian royalty. There is, in fact, a large painting of George III of American revolution fame (as well as Georges I & II as well). Rather than providing him, I thought I would offer a photo of bewitching German princess instead. I trust no one will complain.

At top, is part of our group listening to our guide talk about the history of Celle. In the middle is a photo of the royal palace that makes the town so important. In the foreground is a statue of a horse and trainer. Once a year in the summer, they have the Parade of the Stallions to show off the beautiful show horses in the area.

Celles's architecture is quite different that Lueneburg's. It almost looks Bavarian but really its roots are in the Baroque period, making it brighter and more elaborate than the Hanseatic architecture at Lueneburg.


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