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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm well situated in Luneburg and will be teaching just my second class this afternoon and the first for the WWII course. Before I tell much about Germany so far, let me catch every one up with my travels in Britain.

As usual, my cousin Tom planned a great outing and took a day off from work for the event. With two of his wife Monica's sisters in tow, we drove to Stonehenge and on to Salisbury Cathedral. It is a grand sight with its seemingly incredibly tall tower/steeple. Then it was on to Winchester and a walk through the old town center and around the Cathedral grounds. As some of you may know, Winchester was the seat of King Alfred one of the first reliably-recorded kings of England. From Winchester we drove on down to the south coast of England to the twon of Bournemouth. There is a beach there and some brave Brits were splashing around as though the water was not freezing cold. It was a beautiful and we sat out at a beach-side restaurant and beer and fish and chips. Very pleasant. We could see the Isle of Wight in the distance. It rained on the way back to Eddleston Manor.

The next day, a Wednesday, I went into London by myself, one of my favorite things to do. It is about a 40 minute train trade from Wokingham (the nearest train station) or about an hour on the train that stops everywhere. From London Waterloo, I took the tube to near Trafalgar Squar3e, hung out at the square and Picadilly Circus for a while, and then took in the National Portrait Gallery. After gazing at the visages of famous Brits (and some not so famous and some infamous), I took one of my favorite walks. It winds from Trafalgar square to Covent Garden and leads through some really fine pubs, many of them famous watering holes before there was a United States. Nevertheless, I returned early to Eddleston Manor so that I could get some sleep for the trip to Germany the next day.


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